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赌钱app可以微信提现 provides hundreds of high-quality Workforce Development & Continuing Education courses with online components across a variety of subjects. We can meet all of your training needs while enabling you to learn in a more flexible environment.

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LIVE Online Courses

Our Live Online courses provide engaging classes remotely via your computer, laptop or other appropriate device. You can log in to the actual classroom using Zoom and virtually attend the Live Online course. You participate in real-time discussions with your instructor and fellow students via technology. Within two business days prior to the course start date, you will receive course access links.

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Online Courses

Courses described as "Online Courses" may be on-demand learning courses that allow you to develop the skills you need at your own pace, OR these may be 6-week or longer online courses that are facilitated by an instructor. You have access to your course anytime day or night for the duration noted in the description. Online courses combine videos, reading and knowledge checks.

Courses Offered May Include:

Business & Leadership

  • Achieving Success with Difficult People
  • Administrative Assistant Applications
  • Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
  • Basic Management Skills
  • Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant
  • Building Teams That Work
  • Coaching for Improvement
  • Coaching for Success
  • Consulting - Managing Your Own Business
  • Creating a Successful Business Plan
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) Exam Prep
  • Delegating for Results
  • Developing Others
  • Effective Selling
  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II
  • Get Grants!
  • High Performance Organization
  • Introduction to Business Analysis
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Management
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Development Certificate: Living As A Leader
  • Leading Change
  • Learning Styles in the Classroom
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Managing Customer Service
  • Managing Performance Problems
  • Marketing Tools and Tips for Success
  • Marketing Your Nonprofit
  • Mastery of Business Fundamentals
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Principles of Time Management
  • Professional Risk Manager (PRM)
  • Professional Sales Skills
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Retaining Talent
  • Reviewing Performance Progress
  • Sales and Marketing Professional
  • Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
  • Setting Performance Expectations
  • Starting a Nonprofit
  • Talent and Performance Management
  • Your Leadership Journey
  • MICROCOURSES (20 minutes or less)
    • Authenticity and Transparency: Microcourse
    • Building Relationships: Microcourse
    • Building Trust in Your Work Environment: Microcourse
    • Cultivating Effective Business Networks: Microcourse
    • Developing Individual Team Members: Microcourse
    • Embracing Change: Microcourse
    • Getting Started as a New Leader: Brief Basics: Microcourse
    • Giving Feedback for Improvement: Microcourse
    • Giving Positive Feedback: Microcourse
    • Handling Common Coaching Challenges: Microcourse
    • Handling Emotion and Upset: Microcourse
    • Helping Your Team Achieve High Performance: Microcourse
    • Influencing Others to Make Things Happen: Microcourse
    • Keeping On Track and On Time: Microcourse
    • Keeping Organizational Talent: Microcourse
    • Letting Go and Delegating More: Microcourse
    • Leveraging Diversity: Microcourse
    • Making Accelerated Decisions: Microcourse
    • Making Your Meetings Work: Microcourse
    • Overcoming Barriers to Productivity: Microcourse
    • Overcoming Resistance to Change: Microcourse
    • Productive Interactions: Microcourse
    • Resolving a Conflict You're Involved In: Microcourse
    • Seeking a New Job/Position: Microcourse
    • Sparking Accountability and Action: Microcourse
    • Strengthening Your Partnerships: Microcourse
    • Supporting Development Efforts: Microcourse
    • Tips for Interviewers: Microcourse
    • Unleashing Employee Initiative: Microcourse

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  • A to Z Grant Writing
  • A to Z Grant Writing II - Beyond the Basics
  • Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
  • Business and Marketing Writing
  • Business Writing for Busy Professionals
  • Editing and Proofreading for Business Writers
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Facilitating Adult Learners
  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing
  • Grammar Essentials
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Mastering Public Speaking
  • Professional Communication
  • Storytelling in Business
  • Write Effective Web Content

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  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Accounting Fundamentals II
  • Bookkeeping Administration
  • Bookkeeping Administration Expert
  • Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
  • Chartered Tax Professional
  • Chartered Tax Professional Business Package
  • Comprehensive Tax Course with Business Package
  • Comprehensive Tax Course with Career Package
  • Credit Derivatives Training
  • Ethics Seminar CE courses
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Market Risk - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Training
  • Tax Law Updates Seminar

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HR Management

  • Employment Law Fundamentals
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Understanding the Human Resources Function
  • Workers' Compensation

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Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean Enterprise: Manufacturing
  • Lean Enterprise: Service
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Prep
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Prep
  • Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications
  • Total Quality Fundamentals

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  • Distribution and Logistics Management

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Project Management

  • High Speed Project Management
  • Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010
  • Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013
  • IT Infrastructure Library Foundations (ITIL) 2011
  • PMP Certification Prep 1
  • PMP Certification Prep 2
  • Project Management Applications
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Professional Exam Prep with Organizational Leadership

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Supply Chain

  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Purchasing Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain Mgmt. Fundamentals
  • Spanish for Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management Career Prep

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Automotive Technology

  • ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series
  • ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0
  • ASE Technician Test Preparation

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Career Planning

  • Become a Physical Therapy Aide
  • Become a Veterinary Assistant
  • Become an Optical Assistant
  • Event Planner Career Prep
  • Explore a Career as a Paralegal
  • Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician
  • Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Explore a Career in Medical Coding
  • Explore a Career in Medical Transcription
  • Explore a Career in Medical Writing
  • Explore a Career in Nursing
  • Individual Excellence
  • Introduction to the Medical Laboratory
  • Landscaping Design and Business Career Prep
  • LEED Green Associate Career Prep
  • Legal Transcriptionist Career Prep
  • Paralegal Career Prep
  • Photographer Career Prep
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Travel and Tourism Agent Career Prep
  • Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search
  • Wedding Planner Career Prep

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  • Quickbooks for Contractors 2015
  • BPI Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge
  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician Exam Prep
  • HazWoper 24-Hour Moderate Risk
  • Spanish for Construction
  • Sustainable Construction Career Prep

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Early Childhood Education

  • Teaching Preschool: Year of Inspiring Lessons

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  • Commercial Energy Auditor | Consultant
  • Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals
  • Electronic Systems Technician (EST) formerly DHTI+
  • Renewable Energy Technician Career Prep

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  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM)
  • Energy Auditor (BPI) | Home Energy Analyst (HERS) | Weatherization Auditor (DOE)
  • HVACR Technician Career Prep
  • Weatherization Energy Auditor (BPI)
  • Weatherization Installer (WAP) Shell Technician

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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Career Prep
  • Water Treatment Plant Operation Career Prep

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Design and Modeling

  • AutoCAD Courses

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Data Management

  • SQL Courses
  • Oracle Courses
  • Python Courses
  • Crystal Courses

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Digital Marketing

  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

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Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Courses

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Introductory Computing

  • Computer Skills for the Workplace
  • Keyboarding
  • Understanding the Cloud

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Microsoft Office

  • All Levels of Microsoft Office Suite 2016
  • All Levels of Microsoft Office 2019 / Office 365

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  • CompTIA Certification Prep
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • AWS Courses

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Project Management

  • All Levels Microsoft Project 2013 and 2016
  • All Levels Microsoft Project 2019/Office 365
  • PMP Certification Prep Courses

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  • Introduction to PC Security
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Cybersecurity courses

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  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Blogging and Podcasting Courses
  • Creating Mobile Apps and Gaming Courses
  • Creating Web Content and Websites Courses
  • Front End Web Development Courses
  • Web Design Courses

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  • Administrative Dental Assistant Career Prep
  • Administrative Medical Assistant Career Prep
  • Certificate in Brain Health
  • Certificate in Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Certificate in End of Life Care
  • Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health
  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • Certificate in Healthy Aging
  • Certificate in Holistic & Integrative Health
  • Certificate in Infectious Disease and Infection Control
  • Certificate in Integrative Mental Health
  • Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • Certificate in Meditation
  • Certificate in Mindfulness
  • Certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing
  • Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion
  • Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management
  • Certificate in Perinatal Issues
  • Certificate in Starting Your Own Business in Health and Healing
  • Certificate in Stress Management
  • Certificate in Wellness and the Environment
  • Certificate in Women's Health Issues
  • Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist Career Prep
  • Dental Assistant Career Prep
  • Essential Emergency Medicine Spanish
  • Home Health Aide Career Prep
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Medical Assistant Career Prep
  • Medical Billing and Coding Career Prep Complete
  • Medical Coding Career Prep Complete
  • Medical Math
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Transcriptionist Career Prep
  • Nursing Assistant Career Prep
  • Nutritional Consultant Career Prep
  • Nutritional Fitness Career Prep Professional
  • Patient Care Technician Career Prep
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Career Prep
  • Pharmacy Technician Career Prep
  • Physical Therapy Technician Career Prep
  • Spanish for Dentists and Dental Hygienists
  • Spanish for Health Care
  • Spanish for Medical Professionals
  • Spanish for the Medical Front Office
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Career Prep
  • Veterinary Assistant Career Prep
  • Veterinary Medical Terminology
  • Wellness Coach Career Prep

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Academic Review

  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Math Refresher
  • Merrill Ream Speed Reading

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Adult Education

  • An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL
  • Easy English I
  • Easy English II
  • Easy English III
  • Grammar for ESL
  • Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Practical Ideas for the Adult ESL/EFL Classroom
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Grammar
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Reading
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary
  • Writing for ESL

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Exam Prep

  • GMAT Preparation
  • GRE Preparation
  • LSAT Preparation
  • Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL)
  • SAT/ACT Preparation

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Literature & Writing

  • Advanced Fiction Writing
  • Beginner's Guide to Getting Published
  • Beginning Writer's Workshop
  • Grammar Refresher
  • How to Make Money From Your Writing
  • Introduction to Internet Writing Markets
  • Introduction to Journaling
  • Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Research Methods for Writers
  • Romance Writing
  • The Craft of Magazine Writing
  • The Keys to Effective Editing
  • Travel Writing
  • Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book
  • Write Fiction Like a Pro
  • Write Your Life Story
  • Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers
  • Writing Essentials
  • Writing for Children
  • Writing the Fantasy Novel
  • Writing Young Adult Fiction

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Money Management

  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Introduction to Stock Options
  • Keys to Successful Money Management
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Law
  • Right On the Money - Personal and Practical Personal Finance
  • Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!
  • The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks
  • Where Does All My Money Go?

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  • Understanding Adolescents

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Personal Development

  • Genealogy Basics
  • Get Assertive!
  • Get Funny!
  • Introduction to Criminal Law
  • Keys to Effective Communication
  • Listen to Your Heart, and Success will Follow
  • Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success
  • Skills for Making Great Decisions
  • Wow, What a Great Event!

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Personal Health

  • Handling Medical Emergencies
  • Introduction to Natural Health and Healing
  • Lose Weight and Keep it Off
  • Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

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Sign Language

  • Discover Sign Language

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Arts & Crafts

  • Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

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Food & Wine

  • Secrets of the Caterer

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Foreign Language

  • Beginning Conversational French
  • Conversational Japanese
  • Instant Italian
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement
  • Spanish in the Classroom
  • Speed Spanish

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  • Growing Plants for Fun and Profit
  • Start Your Own Edible Garden

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  • Introduction to Interior Design

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  • Music Made Easy

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  • Discover Digital Photography
  • Mastery Your Digital SLR Camera
  • Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera
  • Photographing People With Your Digital Camera
  • Secrets of Better Photography
  • Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

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  • Going Global Via Exporting

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  • Introduction to QuickBooks (2017, 2018, 2019, and Online versions available)
  • Intermediate QuickBooks (2017, 2018, 2019, and Online versions available)
  • Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2015
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Small Business Marketing

  • Marketing Your Business on the Internet
  • Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
  • Using Social Media in Business

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Small Business Basics

  • Business Basics Online
  • Start a Pet Sitting Business
  • Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
  • Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business
  • Start Your Own Online Business
  • Start Your Own Small Business
  • Starting a Consulting Practice

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